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About Us

'Retro and Motor-inspired Apparel and Accessories'

Hi there!

Welcome to my shop, I'm Martin. Everything you see in the shop has been designed by myself and inspired by my love of classic and sports cars.

My Vintage World

I've creating designs and items since 2015. My goal was to create my own world, I wanted retro-style t-shirts, hats, hoodies to embody the motor world - the classic garage-vintage style with a distressed edge. Having owned a number of Porsches and JDM cars, I really like their driver focus and that's become my inspiration. When not working on my shop, I can be found in the garage. Currently I own a 2003 Impreza and a 1988 944. 

Special Character

I pride myself on designing everything myself to suit a range of individual fashion tastes.

The Environment

I work closely with two print companies, one based in Europe and one in the USA and both respect the rights of workers and the environment that produces beautiful garments without compromising the quality. The quality which will never fail to impress our customers.

Long Term Relationships

I hope that through the quality of our products, by the manner in which our day-to-day contacts are concerned with truth, justice and fairness, we hope we can build long-term relationship with our customers.

Communication is Key

With every order I will message saying when your accessory can be expected along with the tracking information. I always try to deliver as fast as possible.

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