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Porsche 928 - The Ultimate Buying Guide To The Classic Tourer

Porsche 928 - The Ultimate Buying Guide To The Classic Tourer

Porsche 928 - The Ultimate Buying Guide To The Classic Tourer

Born from a desire to combine muscular performance with luxurious comfort, the Porsche 928 broke cover in the late '70s as Stuttgart’s bold answer to the future of grand touring. With its front-engine, V8 roar, and sleek lines that could slice through the air and critics’ reservations alike, the 928 was a departure from Porsche’s storied rear-engine lineage. Its arrival signaled a new era, where comfort hugged the curves of performance in a V8 embrace.

Navigating the 928 Model Maze

As we throttle through the timeline, the 928 series reveals itself as a saga of relentless refinement and performance enhancement, a testament to Porsche’s engineering prowess and commitment to driving pleasure.

  • A Chronicle of Innovation: The Porsche 928 Odyssey

    1977 MY: The Genesis

  • Debut at the Geneva Salon: The 928 made its grand entrance, setting the stage for a new era of grand touring.

    1978 MY: Dawn of the Icon

  • Production Kickoff: September '77 marked the start of production, introducing the world to the all-alloy, water-cooled 240bhp, 4474cc V8 engine. This pioneering model boasted Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection and was adorned with 16-inch 'telephone dial' alloys for manual versions, while the automatic variant settled for 15-inch companions.

    1980 MY: The Power Surge

  • 928S Unleashed: With its 300bhp, 4664cc V8 and electronic fuel injection, the 928S elevated the driving experience, complemented by a new 4-speed automatic gearbox.

    1982 MY: A Nod to Heritage

  • Farewell to the Original; Hello, Limited Edition: The original 928 bowed out, making way for the limited edition (50th anniversary) 928S. This special edition featured Meteor metallic paint, monogrammed seats, and a bespoke interior, adding a layer of exclusivity.

    1984 MY: The Evolution Continues

  • Introducing the 928S2: This model year saw the 928S2 grace the roads with its 310bhp engine and standard power steering. Air conditioning transitioned from standard to optional, hinting at the brand's push towards customizable luxury.

    1986 MY: Refinement Redefined

  • Uprated 928S2: With enhanced brakes and suspension, the 928S2 solidified its status as a pinnacle of performance and comfort.

    1987 MY: The Sophisticated Powerhouse

  • The Birth of the 928S4: Boasting a 320bhp, 4957cc V8, the S4 introduced 4-valve technology and double overhead camshafts, setting new benchmarks for power and elegance.

    1988 MY: Exclusive and Exquisite

  • S4 Innovations and Limited Editions: The S4 welcomed an electronic diagnostic display and two rarities: the Club Sport and Sport Equipment editions, featuring weight reductions, bespoke engines, and limited color options, epitomizing Porsche's commitment to performance and exclusivity.

    1989 MY: The Performance Apex

  • Introducing the 928GT: A manual marvel with 330bhp and a suite of technological advancements, the GT was a nod to the purists, blending raw power with refined handling.

    1990-1991 MY: Towards the Millennium

  • S4 and GT Enhancements: As the 928 approached its zenith, these models received upgrades in differential technology, air conditioning, and engine management, ensuring the 928 remained at the forefront of innovation.

    1992 MY: The Grand Finale

  • The 928GTS Arrives: This ultimate expression featured a 350bhp engine, aesthetic refinements, and technological upgrades, marking the peak of the 928's evolution.

    1993-1995 MY: Legacy Cemented

  • The GTS Era: With improvements in air conditioning, ventilation, and safety features, the GTS continued to set standards, culminating in a storied production run that concluded in 1995, with the last models sold in early 1996.

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Inspecting Your Steed: Points of Vigilance

  • Timing Belt Trepidation: The 928’s heart beats with the rhythm of its timing belt - neglect this at your peril. A snapped belt could spell disaster, transforming your grand tourer into a grand paperweight.
  • Electrical Enigmas: With age, the 928’s electrical system may start showing eccentricities, especially in the dashboard and lighting systems. A thorough pre-purchase inspection is your best defense.
  • Suspension Sagas: To ensure the 928’s legendary handling remains more than just a legend, inspect for worn suspension components, which can dilute the driving experience.
  • Rust Raiders: While not as susceptible as some contemporaries, the 928 can harbor rust in its nooks and crannies. A vigilant eye during inspection can save you from future woes.

Navigating the Porsche 928 Spectrum: A Connoisseur's Guide

The Charm of Simplicity: Early Models

The journey into 928 ownership might well begin with the allure of the early models: the original 4.5-litre 928, the S, and the S2. Their technical simplicity, characterized by the single overhead camshaft, not only captures a moment in time but also offers a more straightforward mechanical experience. These models hold a special place among purists and enthusiasts who value ease of maintenance and the pure essence of the 928's genesis. The fewer electronic intricacies mean these versions are often seen as more reliable, despite their age, offering a distinct niche in the 928 lineage.

The Evolutionary Leap: Later Models

Transitioning to the double overhead cam models like the S4, GT, and the illustrious GTS introduces a different proposition. These later iterations, while benefiting from technological advancements and improved performance, are known for their more complex electrical systems, necessitated by a higher accessory specification. This complexity can be daunting, but it doesn't diminish their desirability. Each of these models carries a collectible premium, thanks to their rarity and the cachet of the Porsche badge. The S4 and GT, with their blend of power and sophistication, require diligent scrutiny of their maintenance history to ensure they stand up to their pedigree.

A Question of Balance: S2 and S4

For those seeking a blend of practicality and pleasure, the S2 and S4 models present an appealing middle ground. Their availability in both manual and automatic transmissions caters to a range of preferences, from the daily commuter to the weekend warrior. The S/S2, being the most prolific in the UK, offers a breadth of choice. Yet, it's not just about finding a car; it's about finding the right car. Opting for a model with reasonable mileage, coupled with stellar maintenance and condition, transcends the allure of the newest or cheapest option on the market.

The Thrill Seekers: GT and Manual Options

For enthusiasts who equate driving with adrenaline, the manual transmissions of the early 4.5-litre models and the GT stand out. Although finding a manual in these models, especially the GT, might be akin to uncovering treasure, the reward is a driving experience that's both raw and refined. The GT, in particular, is a testament to Porsche's racing heritage, offering an engaging drive that's hard to match.

Marketplace Insights: Value and Appreciation

The 928's journey in the marketplace reflects a stabilizing value, with superior examples increasingly sought after. The allure of dark metallics, alongside the striking Guards Red of the GT, highlights the impact of color on a car's desirability and value. Yet, the true worth of a 928 lies beyond its hue; it's found in its history, condition, and the joy it brings to the road.

In Conclusion: The Art of Selection

Selecting a Porsche 928 transcends mere transaction; it's an art form that balances historical appreciation with personal aspiration. Whether drawn to the simplicity of the early models, the advanced allure of the later versions, or the balanced proposition of the S2 and S4, the key lies in informed choice. A knowledgeable specialist becomes not just an advisor but a gateway to a world where driving pleasure and investment potenti

Final Thoughts

Embarking on the journey of Porsche 928 ownership is not merely about buying a car; it’s about embracing a piece of automotive culture. It's a commitment to preserving the legacy of a vehicle that defied conventions and captured the hearts of enthusiasts worldwide. Whether you’re drawn to the raw appeal of the original, the refined aggression of the S4, or the ultimate expression of the GTS, the 928 offers a unique blend of performance, style, and historical significance.

For those ready to take the plunge, remember: the right 928 isn’t just bought. It’s discovered, cherished, and driven with the same passion with which it was created.

And with that, we invite you to gear up, step in, and join the ranks of those fortunate enough to call themselves custodians of this timeless classic. The Porsche 928 isn’t just a car; it’s a journey through the heart of automotive excellence.

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